Nornal Hule Waters: My Dad’s life as I know it…Part One

Nornal Hule Waters was born in Lancaster, South Carolina to John Thomas Waters and Mary Alma Jorden (aka Jordan) on May 24, 1929. He and his parents lived in Lancaster until 1934. Two years after his birth he gained a sister when his parent’s had Mary Dalline Waters on March 31, 1931. His little brother, Eddie Woodrow Waters was born three years later at home in Great Falls, South Carolina on June 25, 1934.

Mary Dalline Waters
Nornal Hule Waters

From my understanding my dad’s family moved a few times from Lancaster to Great Falls a couple times. Nornal went to School in Great Falls. He lived with his family in a house, once known as a Mill House, at 14 Walnut Street which was directly across from Miller’s Grocery and kitty corner from the J P Stevens Mill #3.

In Back: Nornal Hule Waters and
Mary Dalline Waters.
In front: Eddie Woodrow Waters

Upon completing his education, Nornal began working at the local Ford dealership in Great Falls. He worked there until he joined the US Navy, at the age of nineteen, on September 24, 1948. From South Carolina, he was transferred to San Diego Naval Base in San Diego, California.

While at San Diego Naval Base, he received training as a hospital corpsman through the Naval Hospital. Upon completion of his training, he was assigned to the U.S.S. Consolation. He served in the Navy from his enlistment in 1948 until his discharge in 1952. During his time aboard the U.S.S. Consolation, he was out at sea helping the wounded soldiers during the Korean War.

U.S.S. Consolation
U.S. Naval Hospital Ship

During the time he was stationed in San Diego, he met Doyce Eileen Watson. The dated during the times he was in port, and after a time they decided to marry. So, at the age of twenty-two Nornal and Doyce drove to Yuma, Arizona and got married on July 31, 1951. [I guess that Arizona did not have a waiting period at that time]. Shortly after they were married, he brought her home to Great Falls, South Carolina to meet his family.

They stayed with his parents during his leave and Doyce was able to spend time with not only his parents but also his brother and sister. Once his leave was over, they drove back to San Diego. They shared a home together and he decided not to reenlist in the Navy. He was discharge from the Navy on September 24, 1952. After getting out of the Navy, He went to work for Pearson Ford in San Diego. He continued working there for thirty-five plus years. He worked in the Parts Department, keeping track of the parts inventory and servicing customer needs. On June 1, 1953, Nornal and Doyce had a son they named Larry Dean Waters.

Thank You for visiting. I will continue the remembrance of my father, Nornal Hule Waters, in my next post. Remember I appreciate y’all.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. What a nice way to remember your dad on his birthday.
    May the Lord comfort you and use you to impact the next generations ad you love & serve your children & grandkids.


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