Favorite Photo

On Lake at Andrew Jackson State Park

I have more than one favorite photo if that is even possible. This photo was taken at my favorite place to visit, hike, and camp. The place that I like to spend my free time when possible is at Andrew Jackson State Park in Lancaster, South Carolina. I enjoy walking around the lake and enjoying the sun reflecting off the water and the “visitors” that, sometimes, show off their beauty. The lake is where I like to spend time in nature, reflect on my life. It is the place I enjoy observing the beauty and wonders which God has created.

Why do I consider this photo my favorite? I love how the sun is reflected off the water and the visibility of the water ripples. I photograph the lake and the nature trails each and every time I visit the state park. No two photos are ever alike and the views even though the same are different. It might be the same location, but the glimmering of the sun is different on each visit.

To find out more about the lake or about Andrew Jackson State Park, visit https://southcarolinastateparks.com/andrew-jackson .

This post is one of several I am posting as part of the bloganuary challenge. Feel free to like, comment, and or share my blog with your friends. #bloganuary

  1. Thank you! Glad I could take you back. Descriptions are more for my benefit so I know the different types.…

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