Solitude, what is it? Solitude differs from loneliness, in that one can be lonely and yet be surrounded by people. Solitude is the state of being alone. It is more a choice to be alone and not an involuntary separation. There are various reasons why a person would choose solitude. You might choose solitude to relax and recharge your mental and physical well-beings. To get away from the stress of your everyday life, your work environment, or to find a few moments of peace. By taking time for solitude, you are able to mental recharge your mind, build mental strength, increase your happiness, and improve your stress management.

Where do I go to find solitude? When I am unable to go someplace away from home for solitude, I retreat to my room. What is my purpose in going to my room away from other family members? It is a time for me to relax, to release the stress from the day, to reflect on God and to clear my head from any negative inputs from the day. When I spend time alone, I am able to commune with God and listen to his voice without distractions and clearly understand what he might be trying to communicate with me. During times of solitude, I might read whether I read a Christian novel, a devotional, or my Bible. God can speak to us through many different formats. Sometimes it is healthy to just sit, relax, and listen. It is also a good time to let God know what you are thinking, what you are feeling, what your troubles are, but also what you are thankful for, what brings you joy and happiness.

Psalm 46:10 states “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” When I take time to be still, it is a time that I can relax, reflect on my life, and a time when I can let God know that I am thankful he is in my life. I can tell him all my troubles and he will hear me. But mostly, it is a time when I can appreciate all that God has created and everything that he has done for me.

Solitude is a time when I allow myself to grow closer to God. I am able to more clearly see and understand God’s perspective on what is or should be important in my life.

Do you take time out of your life for solitude? Where do you go for solitude? Feel free to comment, like, and follow my blog. It is a part of the bloganuary challenge. I challenge you to participate, if you’re not already, in the bloganuary challenge. #Bloganuary #Bloganuarychallenge

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  1. We all find different places for solitude. Here is mine.


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