Ideal Day

What does your ideal day look like? Ideal is a standard of perfection. It can exist as a mental image or concept of what you perceive to be perfect for you. What one person imagines their perfect ideal day to be can be totally different than what you or I think would be a perfect day. An ideal day would consist of all your required or desirable elements, or characteristics wish to have as part of your day. What are some of the elements that you would need to exist to enable your day to be perfect?

What would my ideal day look like? What are some of the qualities that would facilitate my day to become ideal? I love to have peace and tranquility in my day. My ideal day would begin by rising to the sunrise welcoming me to the great outdoors. In my ideal day I would be walking through the trees, the forest and watching the sun’s reflection off the water at Andrew Jackson State Park. It is my favorite place to commune with nature and enjoy a peaceful, calm, relaxing day. After a nice enjoyable walk around the lake, I would be relaxing in my camping chair reading a book. For me reading helps calm my mind and releases tensions and anxiety. Ending my day would be reclining by a serene, peaceful campfire eating a meal cooked over the open fire. That would be genuinely satisfying.

I enjoyed reflecting on my ideal day. Hope you enjoyed my day with me. Let me know what your ideal day would be like. Please like, follow, and or comment. I would love to hear from y’all.

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