What emoji(s) do you like to use? What is an emoji? It is a pictogram, logogram, or smiley embedded in a text and used in electronic messages and web pages.

What is the purpose or function of an emoji? It is to fill in emotional cues otherwise missing from typed conversations. The word emoji is Japanese in origin. The “e,”meaning picture, and “moji,” meaning character. I did not know is was of Japanese origin before. Guess one can learn something new every day.

My favorite emojis to use are: These are my most used emoji’s 🎈📫📚🙏🏼🎂🎉. The 🙏🏼 is most often used to signify praying. However, it was originally intended to express an apology or to show gratitude for a meal.

Every emoji has a mean. I do not know all the meanings for every emoji. I only know what I intend by the ones I use. I use the 📫 when asking if something is in the mailbox 📫 or ask my daughter to check the mailbox 📫 for a package. I use the 📚 to refer to reading or books 📚 I want to share and recommend to my friends. I use the 🎈🎂🎉 to celebrate someone’s birthday.

What are your most used or favorite emoji(s)? How do you use them? Do you know the meaning behind the emojis you use?

Let me know what you think 🤔. Have a blessed 😇 day.

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