Assumptions: Right or Wrong Part Two

In review, I discussed what assumptions are, how wrong assumptions can hurt people, their relationships and their friendships. Today, I will discuss different types of assumptions and ways to you can use to stop making assumptions.

Among the different types of assumptions are:

  • Paradigmatic Assumptions, also known as Worldview Assumptions, relate to how you see and order the world.
  • Prescriptive Assumptions are what you think should happen in each given situation or circumstance.
  • Casual Assumptions are connected to how things work and how you can impact those processes.

By these types of assumptions, we can see that we make them based on what we see, what we think, and what our possible impact. Assumptions come from our past experiences stored in our brains. We call upon our assumptions to assist us when we are confused, afraid, or surprised and are unsure of what we should do. They clarify our understanding of our situation.

Now that we’ve seen what type of assumptions we often make, let’s see how we can stop making assumptions. According to there are 7 steps we should follow.

  1. Acknowledge they happen. …
  2. Connect to your heart’s intelligence daily and regularly. …
  3. Ask Questions. …
  4. Listen with your full attention. …
  5. Bring mindfulness into your daily life. …
  6. Breathe through emotional reactions and uncomfortable assumptions.
  7. Meditate to work out your thinking muscle. …
Practice Deep Listening

What do people incorrectly assume about me? My son-in-law thinks I’m a control freak, that I’m unlovable, and homeless. I am none of those things. I take care of my grandson 24/7, so he thinks I’m controlling. I currently live with my daughter, but it is not because I could not have another place to live. She wants me here to care for her son.

I asked friends what assumptions they made about me, and this is what they said.

  • Organized, computer literate. I try to be organized, but don’t see myself as computer literate. I took a computer class a few years ago, otherwise I learn as I go.
  • A kind and caring heart, excellent writer with a great imagination, intelligent. Kind and caring heart I agree with. I’m not stupid, but I do not see myself as intelligent either. I strive to never stop learning. I try my best at my writing, but I am far from being an excellent writer.
  • Christian lady seeking to live out a genuine Christian life, good sense of humor, observant.
  • A beautiful person inside and out.
  • A great friend, woman of God, a helping hand to those in need. I try to be a friend to all, do what I can, and show Christ’s love top everyone.

As you can see not all of these assumptions are negative. Positive or negative assumptions that are wrong still affect a person’s outlook of themselves. I think, negative assumptions hurt worse and can cause emotional and psychological pain. Let’s look at ways to deal with assumptions.

Dealing with Assumptions

Discuss assumptions you have made. It does not have to be with a partner, it could be a close friend and confidant. Analyze how angry you were by someone’s behavior. How badly did it affect you? How should you/I react to inadequate assumptions about us?

How would our lives be different if we didn’t make assumptions? How would it be different if our reactions to assumptions was more loving and positive toward others? Let us all look for the good in everyone. Let’s respect each other. Let us love one another unconditionally.

Always remember that it is always best to ask questions rather than assumptions. Learn about a person, or situation. Try to understand and not judge. Remember we all have feelings, try to be respectful and not hurtful. And always think before speaking.

I might be silent and appear calm inside, however that does not mean I am unaffected by your words, your assumptions. I am not weak, my strength comes from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for listening. I am here and willing to listen to what you have to say as well. God bless. Please like, comment, and follow.

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