Daily Prompt: Would you rather go camping or to the beach? Why? Part Two

What do you think would be major problems or hindrances of visiting the beach? As you might assume the pictures above are a clue. Overcrowding at the beach can be a problem. It might be difficult to find just the right spot for you to set your belongings down and stretch out.

The disadvantages of visiting the beach include:

  • Lots of visitors... Visitors to the beach can be good for tourism, however, if you go to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility you might want to go during off peak seasons. Otherwise, lots of people on the beach is too many.
  • Weather… the weather is not always sunshiny and beautiful. Hurricanes often occur near or on the beaches.
  • Staying in the water or playing in the sand can be unhealthy. Bacteria linger and could cause infection and viruses.
  • Garbage is dumped by people every year. Cigarette buds, bottles, food wrappers, and all sorts of other trash that people tend to leave behind instead of carrying it out.
  • Something we probably don’t think about is the human waste in the sand and water. Bacteria lies in wait in these environments.
  • Having to get up super early to travel to the beach, find adequate parking, the traffic driving there, and trouble locating the right spot to enjoy yourself. For me, it would be a three-hour drive just to spend a few hours at the beach.
  • Sunburn and the need to use sunscreen. The sunburns hurt and are damaging to the skin.
  • The sand. Sand can be annoying. It gets into everything. It sticks to you when you walk back from the water. Nobody likes being sprayed with sand when someone shakes their towels or blankets out.

There could be other disadvantages of going to the beach for a visit, but I think this list is enough to make us think about them. Each of us has to weigh the pros versus the cons and decide for ourselves which is better for us.

God bless. Have fun. Consider your options and take precautions if you decide to visit the beach. Please feel free to like, comment and follow. I appreciate y’all.


Now that we’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of going to the beach. My next installment, part three, will begin with discovering the advantages of going camping. Hope you come back for more of our discussion of going camping or going to the beach.

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