Morning Hike with Coleman

We are still twelve days away from it officially being Spring, but we have been enjoying springtime weather here in the Carolinas. Since morning was so beautiful, my grandson and I went for a short hike in the woods near our home. My grandson, Coleman loves the outdoors. He would rather spend all day outside having fun than cooped up in the house when it rains. Coleman loves to hike, so into the woods we went.

Coleman …. In the
We Go

I’ve been studying about Walking with Jesus and sharing my thoughts with y’all. One thing I’ve learned is Walking and Talking with Jesus can take place anywhere, anytime, and while we are doing anything. Walking and talking with Jesus while hiking with my grandson is natural and beautiful. Being in nature amazing and I Praise God for all He has created, the trees, the woods, the deer, the heavenly sky and even the rain when it comes. God created it all and I am in awe of HIs mighty power, His creativity, and His love.


As we began our journey today, we first encountered the chickens. The chickens and beautiful creatures, sometimes they can be noisy but not today. My grandson loves to stop and observe them anytime we go for a hike. I allow Coleman to lead the way. I try my best to keep up with him. He has so much more energy than I do. I don’t know where he gets it all.

Next up was a boat, a shed, and a solar powered contraction (I’m not actually sure what it was or what it was for), and a deer stand. We came across more than one deer stand as we traversed through the woods. Did I say Deer stand? Besides hiking Coleman loves to climb. Height is no problem for him, he seems fearless. Now on the other hand, I am fearful he might fall sometime when he is climbing, especially when he decides to climb really tall deer stands as shown in the next photo collage.


I’m not sure if you can picture the height of the deer stand, and I’m not sure what its height is, but it’s super tall. So, you can imagine why I might be a tad bit fearful of him falling. Thankfully he hasn’t ever fallen yet, and I pray it stays that a way.

My grandson loves to pick up sticks. He loves to use them as hiking sticks. He knows that I have a hiking stick I use when I go to State Parks or Greenways to hike. He mimics me in that aspect. I’m thrilled he enjoys the outdoors so much. I hope he will always love the outdoors and being in nature. I pray he will one day realize that nature, the outdoors if all a part of God’s miraculous design.


While walking and talking with each other and talking with Jesus I used an app called Relive. The app tracks our distance and records any pictures taken through the app. At the end of the hike, a video can be created of your hike or whatever activity of your choosing. We hiked just under a mile at 0.7 miles today. Not too bad for hiking with a two-year-old. The following link is the video created by the Relive app of our hiking adventure today.

God bless. I trust you have enjoyed our hiking adventures. Remember you are able to Walk and Talk with Jesus anytime, anywhere, no matter what you are doing, God is always willing to listen.

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