Monday Meanderings: Coleman wanderings

Coleman….off he goes

My grandson, Coleman loves to be in the outdoors. He loves to hike through the meadows, forests, or wherever you’ll let him wander.

Come on Nana……
I’m gonna leave you behind
if you don’t hurry up.

And off we go on our Monday meanderings. It is a bright sun shiny day. Beautiful morning to spend hiking in nature. Upon entering the trail by our home, we come across the chickens letting us know they roaming free range today.

Chickens making their presence known

Let’s hurry on by……Don’t want to get pecked.

Coleman scurrying through the meadow.

We came across down tree branches from the latest rain/windstorms. Bright blue skies, puddles, and an old shed were among our discoveries today.

Coleman and his many expressions

Coleman decided to check his height against a stack in the middle of the meadow. Now on to more discoveries and enjoying being outdoors.

On the way back, a turn, a smile, more puddles, and an interesting metal squirrel.

Panoramic view of the meadow.

Do you think the hike tired him out? No way, he was still full of energy and ready for some swinging.

Coleman swinging and a twisting having a good ole time.

I hope your day was filled with God’s beauty and were able to enjoy some warmth from the sun shining down upon you. Always know the Son, Jesus Christ, is shining upon your day.

God bless. Try to Get Outdoors, enjoy nature, and be amazed by all that God has created. Remember I appreciate y’all very much. Feel free to like, comment, and follow.

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