Showers: Rainwater or blessings?

Rain clouds ☁️ 🌧 Rain showers

Rain 🌧 or Sunshine ☀️ God has created a beautiful day. God created them both for his purpose. Do you love the rain 🌧 or perhaps you prefer sunshine ☀️?

Today’s weather radar

My grandson doesn’t care if it’s raining 🌧 or the sun is shining. He loves being outdoors either way. It doesn’t bother him to get wet, I don’t even think he realizes he’s getting wet when he sneaks outside. Does rain 🌧 actually harm him? No, but could he become ill from getting soaked by the rain? Maybe 🤔.

View from the back porch

What do you think about when you hear showers? Do you think about rain falling from the clouds in the sky? Turning on off a bathroom faucet? Or perhaps you think about showers of love or blessings? Did you know that there is a difference between rain and showers? They both mean rain but their descriptions are slightly different. Rain is precipitation that is continuous and uniform in its intensity. Showers are described as sudden precipitation which starts and stops and has abrupt changes to its intensity. Just a small note: showers may also contain snow.

Rain or Showers?

I mainly think about rain showers when I hear the term showers. However, there are more than two types of showers that have nothing to do with the precipitation from the clouds. There are Wedding showers, Baby showers, Showers of Love, and Showers of Blessings.

A Wedding shower is a party given for both the bride and the groom where males and females are all invited to the party to help the couple celebrate their pending marriage. It is different from a Bridal shower since a bridal shower is only for the bride and only her closest female friends.

A Baby shower is a party where guests shower the mom-to-be with gifts for the soon to arrive baby.

Baby shower

The next two types of showers are not usually involve throwing a party. So, what do they involve? A Shower of love is when you show excessive fondness for someone and shower them with your love and attention.

Shower the people you love with love

The last type of shower I’m describing is Showers of Blessings. What are Showers of Blessings?

“I will make them and the places surrounding my hill a blessing. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.”

Ezekiel 34:26 NIV (New International Version)

Showers of Blessings are depicted as the giving of the blessing from God in Heaven, falling down upon us in a manner similar to rain falling on us. The effect is abundance, fruitfulness, and magnificent growth. The promise in Ezekiel was given to the people of Israel from God. However, it also applies to us in the world today. If we allow God to guide us and to be our Lord, our Shepherd, he will shower us will blessings as well.

May God shower HIs choicest blessings upon you. May He grant you happiness, good health, and shower you with blessings of HIs love. This is my prayer for each and every one of y’all.

Thank you and God Bless. Remember I appreciate y’all and hope you feel free to like, comment, and follow.

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