Thursday Trail Traipsing: Coleman Ramblings

Coleman Rambling: Trail Traipsing
Can you spot him?

After the week beginning with rain 🌧 showers 🌧, the sun is shining. This meant that my grandson, Coleman, could not be managed to stay inside any longer. He yearns daily for the outdoors and loves to ramble, wander, hike. It doesn’t really matter what we call he, he off and running before I have time to think about it. Hence, I always need to be alert & ready to move at a moments notice, if not before.

And he’s off and running
rambling carefree
traipsing wherever
his little legs
will take him

I’m having a hard time keeping up, he’s quick. I don’t know where he gets so much energy, morning till evening he’s always ready to ramble. Me, I’m ready for a break before we’ve even left the yard.

Flowering plants

Flowers are blooming, spring has arrived. All God’s creations are full of life. Thank you, God, for the beauty you’ve created and place around me so that I might dwell in admiration of your handiwork.

My grandson, Coleman shows no fear. No ladder too tall, no obstacle to difficult, he will overcome anything, if for no other reason than to proof he can. He has an amazing adventurous spirit; I would not do anything to squish it. If you look carefully at the slideshow above, you’ll be able to see what I mean. He might not have any fear, but he’s actions, his climbing sometimes scares me beyond reason.

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