Miracle Park: Afternoon Funtime

Miracle Park is a fairly new city park located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The park is designed for all people is ALL ages and abilities to be able to play together, a place where everyone can feel like they belong.

Coleman checking
out the
playground equipment

Miracle Park is being developed in three phases. The first phase was completed, and the park opened to the public in September 2021. It is located between Cherry Road and Eden Terrace. The park has an inclusive playground, sensory wall, and the Miracle Ball Field.

My daughter, grandson, and I visited Miracle Park on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. This was my first time visiting the newly developed park. My grandson, Coleman, was fascinated by all the different aspects in the park where he could touch, climb, swing, and make music.

Only phase one of the park project is open at this time. It is One-of-a-kind inclusive Playground. It was developed so that no matter your age, your physical or mental ability this park is one you will surely enjoy. It has a music section, resistance equipment, an area for interactive games, sensory walls, and a pathway that addresses all five of the senses. The park also maintains a family restroom, Adult changing station, Concession area, One Miracle League Field, A Traditional Baseball field and plenty of unique universal design elements.

Pictured here is the hexagonal climbing apparatus. There is rope and metal areas for children to use to climb to the top as demonstrated by my grandson. Parts of it he had difficulty climbing on his own, so my daughter and I lent a helping hand.

Coleman is discovering how to make sound from the various equipment in the music area of the park. This area also has various sizes of pipes for the children to hit with attached mallets or drumsticks to make music. He really had a fantastic time playing and discovering the innumerable aspects that are a part of this well thought out, planned, and developed park.

My daughter and grandson are interacting on this modern designed Spinner or Merry-go-Round. Not exactly what it is called, but it is similar to a metal merry-go-round I played on as a child. As you can see it was designed for “kids” of all ages.

These swings are not your ordinary swings. They swing from one end to another and back again. The park also has regular swings, toddler and baby swings, as well as a heavy-duty disc swing. The swings were designed for adults and children of all ages and abilities to be able to enjoy and have tons of fun.

If you find yourself in the Rock Hill, South Carolina area and would like to visit Miracle Park, I encourage you to do so. The address is 1006 Eden Terrace, Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730.

God bless. Enjoy the video. Take time to get outdoors and enjoy life. Visit your local, state, or national parks and discovery new and exciting things to do and be sure to include fun in your outings.

As always, I appreciate y’all and hop you’ll stop by and visit with me again. Remember to like, comment, and follow. Have a great day!

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