Coleman: Selfies

Today while I was occupied with mundane housework my grandson, Coleman, confiscated my phone. While the phone was in his possession he opened the camera. Mind you the phone was in the locked position. That did not stop him from taking random pictures including pictures of himself.

Coleman selfie….
the camera

Random shots …. I deleted the ones of the floor and his feet.

Say Cheese
Look 👀 maw …
my #ASCGreenwayshirt

He loves modeling his new clothes. He’s growing up so fast.

See Nana ….
I love my
new clothes ….
I’m ready ….
Go ahead …
Take my picture
See Nana ….
I’m rockin
my new duds
love ❤️
my grandson.
Love ❤️ U

Selfies are not new for Coleman. He constantly swipes my phone. I never no what pics are gonna turn up after I get the phone back from him. Even though I don’t like him taking my phone, I love ❤️ him so much. I would be lost without him.

God bless. Love y’all. Remember I appreciate y’all. Thank you for visiting with me and my grandson.

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