Moving: Unplanned, but necessary …. Is Emotional

Moving refers to a change in residence. Moving is moving whether moving next door, across town, or across the country. Moving can be an extremely emotional experience. There is so much that goes through one’s mind when you think about moving. It is one thing if you plan on your own accord to move. In that instance, you plan ahead, know where you’re going and make realistic plans accordingly. However, when you’re told by your landlord your lease is not being renewed and you have thirty days to find a place and move, that brings about a whole different set of emotions.

Moving chaos

Moving can be challenging and also frustrating. Frustrating in looking, hunting, searching, trying to locate a place to move. It can be difficult to locate a place to move to when you know way in advance that you’ll be moving, but on short notice it can become very stressful and irritating. It might make you feel like screaming, especially when you’re so frustrated by not finding a place right away knowing you do not have much time.

4 Most

Tips for solving and overcoming common challenges when moving. Moving can be exciting but also stressful. Your emotions are all over the place. ( I know mine are right now.) How we overcome tour challenges matters tremendously. Let’s take a deep look on what can be done to make a move a little bit less frustrating.

  1. Having Too Many Belongings – Packing is a necessary component of moving it accomplishing it can become difficult. It may be hard to decide what you need to keep and take with you and what you need to discard by giving away or trashing. Solution: Too many belongings, reduce them. Keep only what you really really need and get rid of things you don’t use much anyway.
  2. A Sudden and Unplanned Move – Failing to plan ahead May cause problems later. Too little time means you probably won’t be able to be organized. Packing and unpacking may not go as smoothly as you’d hoped. Solution: Start planning as soon as possible. Prepare a timetable and checklist for when things need to be done.
  3. Lost or Damaged Items – Remember to use special packaging for items like tv’s, mirrors, dishes, and lamps. Solution: Special packaging and handling helps to prevent damage when moving. Keep an organized inventory system, label boxes by contents.
  4. Not Enough Packing Material – Often we are unsure of how many boxes and how much packaging materials are necessary for the number of items you’d be moving. Solution: Moving companies, regardless of whether you’re moving yourself or using movers, are happy to advice you on the correct number of packing materials you’ll need.
Moving Boxes 📦

What you need to do to prepare for your move:

  • Before or while you are packing your belongings into boxes take inventory of everything you have and everything you need for your move.
  • Invest in packing supplies. Those supplies should include boxes 📦, bubble wrap, packing tape, and markers for labeling the boxes 📦.
  • Create piles or boxes for “to throw away,” “to donate,” and “to sell.”
  • Make a trip to the local donation center such as Goodwill and to the landfill or dump station.

Whenever and wherever you plan on moving be sure to use a checklist to ensure you have everything you need and do not leave anything behind. If you don’t use a checklist you might forget something and then you might become agitated and emotionally frustrated with yourself, with your situation, or with those trying to help you with your move.

God Bless. Stay safe. And if you plan on moving, be sure to plan ahead and use checklists. Thank you! I appreciate y’all.

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