Living With a Covid-19 Positive 2 Year Old: Update

—- 6 Days after
Covid-19 positive diagnosis

Apologies for being absent from posting. Since last Monday night, I’ve been primary caregiver for my two year old grandson who was diagnosed with being Covid-19 positive. The first two days he was really really sick, upset stomach, vomiting, high fever, lack of ability to keep food or drink down, lack of energy and an overall feeling irritability. It had been difficult seeing him so miserable.

Last Tuesday we took him to the doctor at the Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte where a Covid-19 test was run. We received notice of his being Covid-19 positive on Wednesday. Not much could be done besides giving him Motrin for his fever, and pushing fluids. Sometimes he didn’t want to drink, but had to keep trying.

Thursday and Friday were days of sleeping off and on. Rest he much needed to help him recover. Rest I also needed, having been up off and on all week, I was exhausted. Saturday, he wake up with more energy than he’d had all week. His fever gone. His appetite also started to improve.

Overall, I suppose you can call his case a mild one. It’s also high allergy season here and with a being driven to exhausted taking care of him, my sinuses have taken a toll on me. My allergy medication is working, however, I’m not up to par and he now has more energy than I do.

—— six days after
Covid-19 positive diagnosis
Good to see a smile

Thank y’all for praying for him and all of us throughout this experience. I pray we won’t have to go through it again. I pray y’all will be safe and healthy. God bless. May He watch over you and surround you with His love and protection.

—- feeling better.
Thank you God!

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