Recovering and Moving Adjustments

Apologies for being absent from the blog for the past week. Our home is still in recovery mode from illnesses. My daughter and grandson are now better and for them most part over Covid. The rest of us have been fighting spring allergies that have drained our energy. On top of all that, we had to move. Our landlord informed us he was not renewing the lease, that he had other plans for the property, and we would have to move out. It had been a real struggle to find a place to move to. Rent prices have skyrocketed, in my opinion, way too high. They are outrageous, more than doubled in the past two years. Incomes have not gone up, except for a minutest amount kin comparison to the higher inflation.

A little less than a month’s notice time wasn’t enough to sufficiently locate an ideal place to live. However, we did end up locating a place. Not one like we would have preferred, but a place all the same. We just finished moving our belongings yesterday. It is a major adjustment for all of us, but even more so for my two-year-old grandson. It is difficult for him to understand that he can’t take off and run around outside without us right near him. He was used to having a large yard to run, hike, and play in and now we have no yard. We went from living in a single wide trailer with an acre of land to an apartment with a small patio and no yard. We were able to bring his trampoline with us which is a big help in assisting with his adjustment.

in his trampoline
before the move

in apartment
after the move

This move inhibits his freedom to roam like he has been used to. Therefore, after we’ve all had time to settle into the new living arrangements, I’ll need to find places close by where we might be able to walk to for him to have some time to run and pay and burn off his excess energy.

I hope you’ll all be patient as I get back into the groove of blogging as my own energy slowly returns to normal. Thank you for visiting. remember I appreciate y’all.

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