Alcohol abuse and the Effects on Family

Why do people drink and drive? Some people that drink and drive do not think they have a problem with alcohol. They think they can handle it and that drinking alcohol won’t impair their judgment. However, I know for a fact that drinking alcohol does have an effect on a person’s judgment while behind the wheel of a car.

Man Drinking and driving

People that drink when something is bothering them, or when they get upset with someone often do not think that they are an alcoholic. A person that can go days without drinking is considered a moderate drinker. An alcoholic cannot go days or weeks without a drink. To them it is an essential part of their lives. Alcohol takes priority over their financial responsibilities, their family obligations, work, and social gatherings with friends.

Some alcoholics drink to suppress negative moods, such as anxiety and depression. Some drink to feel good and to escape unpleasantness. They might also use alcohol to help them deal with or manage uncomfortable situations and emotions. During these times their depression, anxiety, or paranoia get worse after drinking.

I cannot speak for everyone, but I know when I drank it affected by ability to drive, and to care for my infant child. It took time, but I quit drinking thirty-eight years ago. I took me almost losing my son to jerk me awake to the need to stop drinking. I had responsibilities and a child that needed me.

Not everyone that drinks have come to that point of understanding yet. I know for a fact that my son-law has not come to that realization in his life to this point in time. His drinking and driving have impaired his judgment whether he realizes it or not. I witness the affects his drinking has on my daughter. It stresses her out and sends her heart racing, jeopardizing her life. Last night he went out drinking and driving. He was supposed to be going and picking up my daughter from work and bringing her home. Instead, he goes to the local convenience store and buys beer. He then proceeded to drink multiple beer cans while driving. He wound up not arriving at her work to pick her up. At which time, she proceeded to try and work home. Her work is over four miles from home. She has a heart condition, and the added stress from his behavior and walking to try to get home sent her heart racing to the point where her heart rate was 210 BPM. Way too high, which affected her breathing and her ability to keep walking.

His drinking impairment caused him too not even be able to see her as she was walking, and he drove past her. He didn’t just drive past her once, but several times. When he finally did stop to pick her up, he continued to drink and drive and drove at speeds over 80 miles per hour. Thus, in dangerous my daughter’s life again. He has put so much stress on her with his drinking and his unwillingness to stop drinking and driving. It makes me extremely upset. She loves him, I do not understand why, but maybe I do. Her father was an alcoholic, whom I loved very much. It is hard to come to the point where one is strong enough to admit they have had enough.

I am not sure if he will stop and not drink and drive again. I have to admit that I am worried about his alcohol abuse and the effects it has on my daughter and grandson. I do not see how he hasn’t been pulled over by the cops while he’s been drinking and driving with open alcohol containers in the vehicle, not to mention the weed he almost always has in his vehicle. I know he has even drunk and drove with my two-year-old grandson in the car. I am concerned for his and my daughter’s safety.

For those of you that prayer, I would request prayers for him and my family. Prayer that he soon wakes up and realize the harmful effects is drinking has on others, especially the family.

Thank you for visiting and listening to me. I appreciate y’all.

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