Exhausted and Frustrated: My two-year-old grandson is not sleeping through the night…


In a previous post entitled Recovering and Moving Adjustments, I discussed our moving and the adjustments being frustrating. For Coleman, it appears he is not adjusting too well yet to sleeping in a new place. He has the same bed, but has not been allowed, so far, on the top bunk. We/I have concerns about his safety on the top bunk. In his room in the new apartment, we now live in, there is a ceiling fan where the fan blades stretch across part of the top bunk.

Coleman is rambunctious and curious. He loves to climb, turn lights on and off, and investigate anything and everything he can get his hands on. I’ve already discovered him tuning on the fan from the top bunk after climbing up. I, myself, had difficulty turning it back off without getting hurt from the blades. So how can I allow him to sleep 💤 on the top bunk he enjoys being on when I’m concerned he’ll get hurt?

He’s been waking up after only a few hours of sleep, and exciting his room. After leaving his room, he proceeds to turn on every light in the kitchen, hallway, and living room. Then he rummages through the kitchen drawers and the boxes yet to be unpacked. When he gets bored with that he comes into my room. Thus, preventing me from sleeping. Hence, I am exhausted during the day from lack of sufficient sleep.

I want my energetic cooperative little boy back. The problem is I am not sure how to achieve his sleeping through the night again and staying in his own room all night to sleep. The rest of us, especially myself, would appreciate a full night of uninterrupted peaceful sleep.

this morning
after being awake
half the night
(or more).

Can you understand my frustrations and my being exhausted? Pray for us that a solution can be found to remedy this problematic situation.

God bless. Thank you for listening. Remember I appreciate y’all.

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