Be Strong and of Good Courage

“Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with the whithersoever thou goest.”

Joshua 1:9

Joshua took Moses’ place and led the Israelites into the promised land. He needed to have faith, be strong and have courage to do so. He had to have faith that the Lord would provide a way for the Israelites to cross the Jordan River. Crossing the Jordan River was absolutely necessary in order for them to reach the Promised Land.

What stood between
the Israelites
and their promised land?

Have you ever done something or been faced with a major decision demanded you to have courage? Every day we are faced with situations or decisions that need to be made. A lot of the times those could be difficult to accomplish on our own accord. In those trying times we need to turn to the Lord to give us the wisdom and strength to make the right decisions and to help us manage to overcome strenuous situations.

Have you ever
done something
that required
you to have

When the Israelite Priests stepped into the water 💦 a miraculous thing happened. What was it? It was the Lord God Almighty parting the waters of the Jordan River just like he had done previously with the Red Sea for Moses.

The parting of the waters
Have you ever walked across a river, creek, or stream?

Has God done miraculous things in your life? Have you ever stopped a reflected on all he has done for you? I have from time to time and realize I would not be who I am or where I am except for the power and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. I encourage you to make the time to reflect on what God has done for you and the obstacles he has seen you through.

Joshua instructed the people of Israel to be courageous, keep God’s commandments, and love the Lord. He reminded them of all the amazing miracles they had seen when they had been faithful, and of the bad things that happened when they didn’t keep God’s commandments. Do you believe that good things happen in your life more so when you are being faithful to Him? Can you see where and how things are more difficult when you do not follow God’s instructions? I know there’s a tremendous difference in my life when I’m listening and following God’s guidance and when I’m trying to live my life under my own power.

Be Strong

I encourage you to be courageous, to not judge others, and to stand firm in your faith for truth and righteousness. Let God be your guide as you walk daily, with faith and courage.

Jordan River

God bless. Be courageous. Be faithful. Be strong. Thank you! Remember I appreciate y’all.

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