Memorial Day: Remember and Honor the Fallen

Memorial Day
Remember and Honor

On Memorial Day, I/we pause to remember those who served our Nation and sacrificed all to protect the liberties of every American. Because of these brave men and women, I/we go to sleep each night secure – knowing our country is protected by those who are willing to put the preservation of our Nation before their own. Today, surrounded by our own families and the blessings of America, we pause to honor them.

In 1868 May 30th was chosen by General John A. Logan fir the purpose of strewing flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, and churchyard in America. [General JohnA. Logan led an organization for Northern Civil War Veterans.] Even though It was originally set aside specifically for the Civil War, Memorial Day later came to encompass all military casualties during World War I. It became a official federal holiday in 1971. Today we remember and honor all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice from every military War.

Even though, to my knowledge not if my ancestors or others relatives lost their lives in battle I have relatives that were injured in various wars. I know that is not the same. It is with great admiration that I remember and honor all those whose served our country without reservations and made the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom and yours.

Today is not just Memorial Day for my family, it is also my daughter’s thirty-first birthday. So today we honor the fallen and my daughter’s life.

God bless. Thank you! Remember and Honor the Fallen. I appreciate y’all.

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