Riverwalk Greenway Trail: Piedmont Medical Center Trail

Coleman’s ready to go hiking

The Riverwalk Greenway Trail is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. It is 2.25 miles of easy walking exercise. As you walk along the paved asphalt trail you can observe fabulous views of the Catawba River.

Riverwalk Trestle

The Riverwalk Trail has been recently renamed the Piedmont Medical Center Trail. The asphalt pathway is approximately 10-foot wide. It is located just minutes away from I-77. This trail is key segment of the Carolina Thread Trail. The Carolina Thread Trail is a regional network of trails and greenways spanning 15 counties across North and South Carolina.

Along the trail you’ll encounter various historical landmarks informing you of some of the local history that is contained within the pathway of the trail. They mention the Nation Ford trestle, the usage during the Civil War, the usage by the Catawba and Cherokee Indians, and was even crossed by President Jefferson Davis in 1865.

resting a bit
before continuing
along the trail.

Mile markers are placed at intervals along the pathway to help you keep track of how far you have walked, hiked, ran, or cycled. You have to remember that regardless of which trailhead you park at, it is 2.25 miles up and back. If you need a short break to catch your breath along the way you’ll encounter several metal benches, sitting areas made from tree trunks, and also a few swings. My grandson really enjoyed taking breaks anytime he came upon one of the swings.

enjoying himself
along the trail

The trail is accessible to anyone on foot, wheelchair, skateboard, or bicycle of any age and ability. Dogs are welcome to tag along, but must be on a 3-foot leash. And remember you must pick up after your dog. Leave no trace.

Located along the route are short dirt paths that you can venture on to enable you to have better views of the Catawba River. If you so choose from the north trailhead, you can launch a kayak, a tube, or raft and enjoy a leisurely trip down river.

Please note that the trail is located in a floodplain and during inclement weather you should use caution and avoid the trail during those times. All cyclists should observe the 10 mile per hour speed limit.

My grandson and I spent a couple hours leisurely walking along the trail and enjoying the fabulous views of the Catawba River. We went on Friday (1st day of a holiday weekend), and lots of people were out and about. The watering hole was crowded so he couldn’t get in the water, maybe he’ll be able to on another visit. We plan on going back on Wednesday. I’ve been informed that not so many people go there during the middle of the week. If you desire to avoid crowds, I’d suggest coming here on a weekday and avoiding the weekends.

Our adventure
via Relive.com

God Bless. Enjoy nature. Get outdoors. Walk. Bike. Hike. Thank you! I appreciate y’all.

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