National Trails Day

Today, Saturday June 4, 2022, is National Trails Day. National Trails Day is recognized to be the first Saturday in June. The day recognizes all the wonderfully incredible benefits the federal, state, and local trails provide for our recreation and exposure to God’s beautiful nature. In the United States, events are held nationwide to help and promote awareness for the numerous varieties of services the trail systems offer. The day encourages people from all walks of life to discover their local trails, become active concerning trail issues, and share their excitement for the outdoors.

Anne Springs Close Greenway
Lake Haigler

On National Trails Day many people think first and foremost of hiking, however, trails offer so much more than just hiking. The trails provide access to various waterways for canoeing, kayaking, and paddling trips. Trails are also fantastic places which Birders may find excellent opportunities for birdwatching. It is also a great opportunity for those seeking to test their abilities to observe and study geolocation and enjoy geocaching. The trails are also used by cyclists and horseback riders. No matter which activity you choose, each activity pursued creates an opportunity to spend time in the vast outdoors and generate an excellent cardiovascular workout. Trail lengths vary per trail, most of the time I hike with my two-year-old grandson, so I tend to hike between 1.5 – 2.5 miles one way. When he is not with me, I might hike between 5-8 miles in a day.

National Trails Day
Anne Springs Close Greenway
1,000 Mile Challenge

Besides the tremendous opportunities trails provide us, On National Trails Day take the time to thank the many volunteers, land agencies, trail developers, park employees, and rangers for all they do in helping develop and maintaining the trails.

National Trails Day is sponsored by The American Hiking Society. Take the opportunity to visit your local trails. It is a great opportunity to bring a friend along for some great fellowship. Try something new, you just might be glad you did. Go to a Greenway, national, state, or local park and discover new trails or activities. Be sure to show your appreciation to those that make all the trails systems possible. Always Remember to Leave No Trace, if your pack it in, pack it out. #NationalTrailsDay.

On this National Trails Day I chose to go to my local greenway, Anne Springs Close Greenway, to hike and participate in their 1,000 Mile Challenge. Anne Springs Close Greenway is located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. It has 36 miles within 26 trails that one can choose to hike, mountain bike, or adventure on horseback. This year the Greenway presented a challenge to all its members and the surrounding communities, to log a combined total of 1,000 or more miles of activities for #NationalTrailsDay. Those miles also include those who chose to do their activities on the water using a canoe or kayak.

Anne Springs Close Greenway
1,000 Mile Challenge

The last word I received (around 4pm); the Greenway logged over 1,365 miles across the Greenway and still more miles we to be logged in before end of day. Great job for #NationalTrailsDay!

God Bless. Thank you! Remember I appreciate y’all. Visit your local trails. Get outdoors. Enjoy Nature. Thank you, Debbie Zinsky Kiggans, for organizing and leading hikes today for #NationalTrailsDay and all year long.

Photos and collages are mine (c)2022@DebbieLWaters. The Photo of the 1,000 Mile Challenge I borrowed from the Anne Springs Close Greenway’s Facebook page.

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