Canon Shots at the Greenway

I have an older Canon Rebel T3i that I was using on Saturday when I went to the Greenway with my grandson, Coleman. My battery is weak, even though it was fully charged before leaving home, it did not last very long. So, it seems like it is time for a new battery (I cannot afford a new camera right now).

These pictures were taken after we came to Lake Frances after hiking at the beginning of Archers Loop at the Adventure Road entrance of the Anne Springs Close Greenway.

Lake Frances
Lake Frances
trying to use
my hiking stick
as a fishing pole.
Fishing on Lake Frances
Lake Frances Fishing

God Bless. Thank you! I haven’t used the camera for a little while, it’s been packed away and I recently unpacked it. I hope you’ll enjoy the photos. I appreciate y’all.

All photos are my own. (c)2022@gfpacificbee

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