Thursday Traversing the Trails with Coleman: ASCG-Blue Star Entrance

Coleman is always wanting to go Bye Bye. He loves to spend time hiking 🥾 at The Anne Springs Close Greenway (ASCG). For our Thursday outing we went to the Blue Star Entrance of the ASCG. The ASCG is located behind the Y Complex. From the beginning of the trailhead there are two choices one can choose the hike. The Paradise Loop and the Blue Star Trail.

For our traversing I chose the Paradise Loop for us to hike. Coleman wanted to go on the Blue Star Trail. He got upset when I said we were not hiking 🥾 that trail. We had only hiked that trail before and he needed to hike the Paradise Loop to help complete all the trails on his trail passport.

by the
Paradise Loop
trail post

The trail is full of ups and downs, curves, tree 🌳 roots, and rocks 🪨. Not a smooth trail, more of a medium level for hiking 🥾 status. Trail markers are placed every 1/4 mile along the trails. Around Trail marker B5 you can choose to traverse on the Avery Loop. The Avery Loop is 0.4 miles long and loops back into Paradise Loop.

Avery Loop
with Coleman

Avery Loop is surrounded by plants and flowers close on each side of the trail. The trees and plants provide a cooling canopy that is calming to the soul.

watching ants 🐜
on the ground

Hiking 🥾 back to the car (his mom’s car) Coleman is tired and ready to go to the grocery store so we could get him more Lactaid Milk. when he gets tired, he wants to stop every few minutes on the trail and wants to sit anywhere he can find to sit. When he’s tired I keep encouraging home to keep moving, that we’re almost “back to mommy’s car.)

Hiking 🥾
back to

God Bless. Thank you for visiting. I appreciate y’all.

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