ASCG:Greenway Stables Entrance-Part Two_Dogwood/Blue Star….

For our second day of hiking Dogwood at the Anne Springs Close Greenway Stables Entrance, we began on the Dogwood Trail on the right side after passing through one section of the horse stables.

But before we began hiking, we stopped to enjoy the Sweet Black Eyed Susan Seeds and the honeybees feasting on their nectar behind the Gibson House.

Sweet Black-Eyed Susan Seeds
and Sunflowers
@Greenway Stables
Gibson House

Shortly after we began hiking along the Dogwood Trail, we came upon the Airport Pond. We enjoyed the views of the water and the reflections within the water. Whenever possible my grandson loves to play in the water either with his hands or his whole body. Luckily on this day it was just his hands.

Stables Entrance
Airport Pond
off Dogwood

After snapping a few pictures, we hiked on further down on Dogwood. My grandson, Coleman, loves to have his picture taken at the Trail Posts. The Trail Posts serve the purpose of letting people know where they are along the trail and which trail they are hiking on. Keeping track of the numbers on the trail posts allows us to know exactly where we are at and how much further we need to travel.

Dogwood Trail
Coleman hiking
leading the way

We proceeded onto the Blue Star after we had been hiking for approximately 1.4 miles. This trail contains several mushrooms of varying heights and sizes. I have to watch Coleman, or he’ll swipe at them breaking them apart. O try to teach him about varying things along the trail and that we shouldn’t disturb them. Also, that what is in the park should remain in the park and what we bring in, we must also take out with us. Leave No Trace.

checking out his map
and the Trail posts
for directions

The Blue Star trail is mostly natural surface with some plank bridges and a couple of swinging bridges. At Blue Star H27, Coleman stops to check his map. He likes to carry his own map instead of just looking at mine. We venture off of Blue Star and onto Hickory Trail which leads us back to Dogwood.

Hickory Trails
Which way should we go?

Once back on Dogwood, the trail leads us back to the horse stables and eventually back to our car (Mommy’s car as Coleman would say since I use her car to take him places.)

Horse Stables
(Not the same stables as we first entered)
Greenway Stables Entrance
Coleman petting and
loving on the horses.
The horses
come straight
up to him.
They know
he is not afraid
and loves them.
Coleman Expressions.
My Heart ❤️ My love

God Bless. Get Outdoors. Enjoy a hike, a walk, or any adventure communing with nature. Thank you for visiting. See you next time. Remember I appreciate y’all.

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