Public Art: Wall Art Plus_West Jefferson, NC

Public Art, what is it? Have you noticed any when you’ve been out and about? I’ve been noticing Public Art more and more the last several years. Almost everywhere you may wander there seems to be some form of Public Art to enjoy.

West Jefferson
Wall Art

Public Art is art in any media whose form, function and meaning are created for the general public through a public process according to Simply put it is art located in public spaces for the public to enjoy and admire. Some forms of public art are murals and sculptures mounted on buildings or other structures. They are usually large scale and highly visible on the street.

Wall Art
West Jefferson, NC

West Jefferson is a town in Ashe County, North Carolina in the United States of America. It is nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountains in the northwest region of North Carolina. The town was developed around the Virginia-Carolina Railroad depot in the early 1900’s.


West Jefferson’s art district features an array of colorful murals that are interesting to look upon and are part of the Appalachian Mural Trail. There are distinctive public art and numerous galleries. West Jefferson offers pedestrian-friendly streets. There are several bump-outs filled with attractive green and flowering plants adding beauty.

West Jefferson
North Carolina
Cheese 🧀 Made
Ashe County
Cheese Factory

I visited West Jefferson, Ashe County, North Carolina in August of 2017 when I went up to Deep Gap, North Carolina for a family reunion. I made a long weekend of it and enjoyed seeing the sights after my reunion. The streets truly were pedestrian-friendly and the sights were amazing to look upon and admire. I was able to watch cheese being made which is a craft all its own.

Photo Credit: ©️DebbieLWaters @gfpacificbee

God bless. What Public Art have y’all spotted? I’d love to see them shared. Thank You! I appreciate y’all.

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