Flowing River Water 💦 💧 💦

Catawba River

The sound of flowing water is calming to the soul. It can calm you spirit, help you to relax, and improve your sleep quality. I enjoy being near the flowing waters at the river and lakes. Do you? My grandson loves to be near any outdoor body of water. He enjoys watching the water flow, but he loves playing in it more. He loves to jump in water or throw things like rocks, tree limbs, or whatever he can find and watch them make the water splash.

The Bible often speaks about water. It uses water as a symbol for faith, salvation, and provision. Water is used as an example of our relationship with God.

  • Spring of Water from God leads to Eternal Life. John 4:14
  • Thirsting for God is illustrated through the deer panting for streams of water. Psalm 42:1
  • God uses Water as a guide Isaiah 49:10
  • The Living Water – Jesus is the living water. John 7:37-38
  • God will be our Constant Guide through the storms of life. He will walk through them with us.

When I see the river or lake waters flowing, I am amazed at the wonders of God’s creation. The natural calming effect the sounds of the flowing waters have upon me. It is truly miraculous how it all flows together for our benefit.

Take the time to enjoy nature and if possible watch the waters flowing from a lake, river, or stream and let me know how you are affected by them.

God bless. Thank you. I appreciate y’all.

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