Coleman Meets his Paternal Great Grandmother

My grandson turned three on July 25th and had never met the majority of his paternal relatives including his paternal great grandmother. His paternal great grandmother lives in Japan and hasn’t been in this country, at least not for a very long time. She recently got on a plane in Japan and flew to South Carolina. She is here because her daughter, my grandson, Coleman’s paternal grandmother, is extremely ill. She doesn’t seem to know where she is, hasn’t been eating for weeks before she was taken to the hospital. Her lack of substance and her alcoholism has destroyed a lot of the normal bodily functions, like walking, her organs, and her breathing to name a few. At this time, she has not been given a sufficient diagnosis and was sent to a rehabilitation facility. This does not make since to several people, but the only person who has any say in her treatment is her husband. She is on oxygen, is unable to walk, even for short distances like to the bathroom. Prayers would be appreciated on her behalf.

his paternal
great grandmother

Most people that cross Coleman’s path on the trail or out and about know he is not usually shy, but very friendly and says hi to everyone. That was not the case today when he met his paternal great grandmother for the very first time. He backed away, hid behind me and didn’t say anything for a long time. I’ve never known Coleman to be shy. Coleman’s dad, David picked her up from his dad’s home and brought her to our home. The meeting was in familiar surroundings, but a strange person in his home seemed to baffle him. It took some coaxing to get him to sit next to her.

great grandmother
trying to
get him
to talk

Since Coleman has a very strong attachment to me, I left the room to try to help him not to cling to me, but to allow him an opportunity to get acquainted with his paternal great grandmother. I feel gratitude that Coleman was given this opportunity to meet her. Thankfully she does speak a little English as her primary language is Japanese. My grandson’s father does not speak Japanese, it was not taught to him when he was growing up.

Thankful for the short time Coleman had to spend with his paternal great grandmother. Maybe she can come again to visit him while she is in the United States.

God bless. Thank you. I appreciate each and every one of y’all.

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