The World Mourns: RIP Your Majesty!

This has been an amazing opportunity to watch live the funeral procession and other events honoring and remembering Queen Elizabeth II. Many of you may have watch some of the live coverage of the various events occurring of the past several days to celebrate the life of Her Majesty, the Queen. May she rest in peace. I was not able to watch every coverage of the lying-in state, the processional with Princess Anne accompanying her beloved mother back to London from the Queen’s Balmoral Castle in Scotland, but I was able to watch parts of the proceedings over the past week including the funeral procession today.

Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926, in London, United Kingdom and passed onto her home in Heaven joining her beloved husband on September 8, 2022. [As a side note, she was born three short years before my father]. She had been the reigning monarch for my entire life. I felt as if I knew her even though I did not really know her. In this modern age of television, her live and reign as the Queen of England, The United Kingdon, and The Commonwealth her live as been on display for the entire world to see. That being said, it is no wonder why she is being mourned by the world, the United Kingdom, The Commonwealth, as well as her family.

Watching the funeral procession, Monday, September 19th, the long trek from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey and on to St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, Britain was an honor, sad, and extremely heartfelt. She was the first to be televised throughout her reign, and the first Monarch to have her funeral and processions televised across multiple media site for the whole world to watch and mourn. I know for myself there were times throughout the processional and funeral that I was almost brought to tears. If I had been there, I know I would have shed some tears for Queen Elizabeth, beloved by most everyone.

The slideshow pictures above are screenshot pictures from watching the processional via YouTube. I was amazed about the thought process and the intricate details of the entire arrangements for Queen Elizabeth. They were well thought out and carried out with great finesse. It was wonderful to see differences put aside for the greater good of honoring and remembering of Her Majesty, Mother, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother. Prince William and Prince Harry side by side carrying out their roles and duties together for the sake and benefit of their beloved Grandmother.

President Biden and his wife were amongst the 2,000 guests in attendance bidding farewell to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. Hundreds of thousands of mourners lined the streets and parks to get a glimpse of Her Majesty’s coffin as it was driven throughout London. There were 500 world leaders and foreign dignitaries present for the funeral in addition to The Queen’s closest family members which included Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte.

This is a sad time for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, but also a time for new beginnings. King Charles III has already ascended to the throne as Britain’s new monarch. Let us not be disrespectful of any members of the royal family. They are in mourning and will be for some time even after the official mourning time has passed. Let us remember the family of Queen Elizabeth in our prayers. May the Lord comfort and strengthen them in the coming days.

REST IN PEACE your Majesty

God Bless. Thank You! I appreciate y’all.

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