Morning Sky: Different in Each Direction

Stepping out my back door, I looked left, then walked 100 feet and looked right, and looked in-between. What I saw was unique in every direction I turned. I was checking the sky and wind for a possible approach of Hurricane Ian to our area. So far Hurricane Ian has not fully impacted the Carolinas, but we have been put on alert. I pray for the safety of friends and family already in the path of Ian. I pray God’s protection be upon them giving them strength to see them through this powerful storm.

View to my Left:

Morning Blue Sky

View to my Right after Walking 100 feet:

Morning Clouds

My View from In-Between:

in the

The colors in the sky are amazingly beautiful. The colors of the Sun through the clouds, the contrast of the light and dark, and the brilliant glow was something I do not see much in my neighborhood. It was a delight to see and enjoy.

God Bless. Thank You for stopping by. I appreciate y’all so very much.

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