Monday Portrait: My Family

These past two weeks my family and I have been suffering from bad cases of bronchitis. Therefore, I have not been able to get out and about like I would prefer. My grandson definitely prefers being outdoors in nature to being cooped up in our apartment. Hopefully we’ll be able to get back outside in the next few days.

So I was sitting
comfortably the loveseat
when my daughter,
my grandson,
and the dog
all decided
to pile upon me.
So why not
capture the rare
moment with photos
My daughter, Trisha, on the left;
Chewy, the Kelpie Welsh Corgi, in the middle;
Coleman, my grandson, on my lap;
and then myself.

Welcome to my world. Filled with unexpected surprises, love, and adventures ( sometimes misadventures), but who cares. We are family and we love each other.

God Bless. Thank you! I appreciate y’all. #MondayPortrait

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