PPAC – Scarecrow Crawl PPAC

Little Fort Mill Annie

The Town of Fort Mill in South Carolina hosts an annual Scarecrow Crawl from October 5th through October 31st. This year is the 8th Annual Scarecrow Crawl. The Scarecrows entries are created by individuals, schools, businesses, organizations, churches and more. The displays are throughout the main downtown areas of Fort Mill including in Millstone Park. everyone is welcome to come take a stroll in Downtown to view all the amazing Scarecrow entries.

Coleman and I strolled through the Millstone Park area of the Scarecrow Crawl in Fort Mill which was only a small portion (less than half) of the Scarecrow displays throughout downtown Fort Mill,

And still a few more Scarecrow Crawl displays for your enjoyment:

God Bless. Thank you for visiting my blog. I trust you enjoyed the photos. I appreciate y’all.

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