Floral Friday #77 – Biden Aristosa

My grandson, Coleman and I went for a walk through the city to see what shops were in walking distance from our apartment and spotted these bright yellow flowers along the way.

Bidens aristosa
AKA Bearded Beggarticks
AKA Tickseed Sunflower

These flowers are Bidens. They are known by several common names as you can see from the various names I used for the photos. Bidens is a genus of flowering plants in the aster family, Asteraceae. The common names beggarticks, black jack, burr marigolds, cobbler’s pegs, Spanish needles, and tickseed sunflowers refer to the fruit of the plants.

Posted as part of Bren’s Floral Friday #77,
Cee’s FOTD (Flower of the Day Challenge), and Becky’s Square challenge: Walking Squares #4.

God Bless. Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend. I appreciate y’all.

4 responses to “Floral Friday #77 – Biden Aristosa”

  1. […] love walking early and discovering flowers and gazing upon a very English scene, but I cannot resist an Italian one […]

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  2. Oh these photos are so pretty. Thanks for playing 😀

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  3. oh these are so lovely – wonderful you have joined us walking

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  4. Beautiful… Thank you for sharing xx

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