Mid-Week Monochrome # 113 – Sites Along Seven Oaks Preserve Trail

Coleman, my grandson and my walking/hiking buddy hiked the Seven Oaks Preserve Trail on Tuesday afternoon. It was a warm sunny day unlike the past couple of days where it has been chilly, windy, and rainy.

Glistening on
Lake Wylie
Belmont, NC
Arched-shaped branch
along the ground
Tree Fungi
seen along
the trail
Boat Dock
Lake Wylie
Seven Oaks Preserve Trail
Belmont, North Carolina
brought home
from our hike

Whenever I have the opportunity to go out, it is almost always with my grandson, Coleman. He loves to hike. He doesn’t tend to walk much but run along the trail. I walk/hike and try my best to keep up with him. We always see different amazing and interesting things as we hike along the various trails.

Photo Credit: (c)2022@gfpacificbeeinrrospection.com

Posted as part of Bren’s Mid-week Monochrome Photography Challenge.

Posted as part of Becky’s Square Challenge – Walking Squares

God Bless. Thank you for observing my walks/hikes. I appreciate y’all.

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