A Reflection: Best of 2022 – Coleman Style

A reflection of Coleman’s life throughout the year, 2022, before beginning the New Year. He’s grown so much in so many ways in such a short time.

The First Three Months: January-March…

The Next Three Months: April-June

Onward to the Next Three Months: JulySeptember

The Last Three Months of 2022: October-December…

Where has the year gone? My little grandson, my hiking 🥾 buddy is not so little anymore. He’s become very adventurous. He loves to explore the outdoors. He love to visit Anne Springs Close Greenway. He has already hiked all 26 trails multiple times for more than 36 miles within the Greenway. He knows the trails better than some adults.

He does not like bad weather day’s especially since he does not like being cooped up in doors. He’d rather be outdoors all the time if he could. I pray his adventurous spirit will never be squashed.

Continue on little man, keep growing, keep learning, and always stay adventurous loving the outdoors.

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