Tuesday, 3 January 2023 Bloganuary Prompt: What is the earliest memory you have?

What is my earliest memory? That is a good question. I wish I could say I remember everything, but that would be nearly impossible. Our minds, especially mine, tend to have selective memories.

That being said, I do remember parts of my childhood. I remember living on South Meadowbrook Drive in San Diego, California. I remember playing outside all day. Playing baseball in the neighbors backyard. Part of the time I would play with Mary a few doors down from me, but mostly my brother & I would play with the three boys next door. We’d all play outside all day without question. Never had a desire to be stuck indoors. We’d play baseball, basketball, freeze tag, hide-n-go seek, and whatever else we could. We’d ride our bikes up and down the street, around the block, and sometimes up to the school on Saturdays; just to play on the playground. There were no fancy skate boards for us. We’d take the wheels off of street skates & attach them to scrap boards to make our skateboards. Those were such fun times.

I also remember all the girls wore dresses to school. Pants were not allowed until around my ninth grade in junior high school. Yes, my school was a junior high not a middle school. We moved after I was promoted from sixth grade to seventh. I didn’t know anyone in our new neighborhood or my new school. Therefore. I tended to ride my bicycle by myself, walk to and from school by myself carrying my books in my arms. I don’t recall backpacks back then.

I remember always having Sunday dresses that were only worn for church. We went to church every Sunday morning, every Sunday evening, and on Wednesday evenings. There was always Church worship and Sunday School. In the evenings after Sunday church worship, the youth would gather at a members house for a time of fun. In the summers, we would meet at someone’s house that had a pool so we could swim and splash around. Occasionally, we would meet at Mission Bay. Those were fun times. That’s where I learned how to water ski. No matter what activity we enjoyed, there was always singing & a short devotional.

There are more things I remember, but then that would be like writing a memoir. Too much for a single post.

One thing I remember and treasure from my early days, are given a love for the outdoors, the enjoyment of camping & hiking, and being taught about the live of Jesus Christ and His wonderful mercies.


God Bless. Thank you for taking a trip down memory lane with me. I appreciate y’all.

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