Bloganuary #6: Why do you write?

Why Do We Write?

There are many different reasons people may choose to write. It could be anything from the desire to communicate with others to creating something beautiful that they hope will interest others or even just as a release to get something off their mind and enable to reflect with understanding.

Why do I write?:

Writing ✍️ is a necessary tool for communication. For me, it is easy to communicate through words put down on “paper.” I used to feel compelled to write in a journal my thoughts, emotions, and feelings regarding the day or situation. I am more comfortable expressing myself in writing than through verbal communication.

Why? I think 🤔, I feel, and I ponder on my life and the circumstances and situations which have occurred. It is hard for me to come up with the right words to express my thoughts instantaneously. Henceforth, I write.

I write letters, yes, actual letters not emails. I write notes in cards to let someone know I am thinking about them and I care. For me, emails are more impersonal than an genuine letter written down in my own handwriting. It takes more time and effort but the thoughtfulness is relaxed, friendly, and extremely natural & rewarding.

Nowadays, I use my smartphone or my laptop 💻 to write and express my ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Sometimes I write as thoughts appear in my mind, other times I wait until I am absolutely alone. When I am alone in the quiet of the evening, my brain functions more clearly and I am better able to concentrate and communicate in written words the thoughts, and feelings I desperately desire to convey.

I often use photos to help convey my thoughts and activities. How do you express yourself? Why do you write?

my ❤️
and myself


God Bless. Thank you for listening. I appreciate y’all.

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