Bloganuary Prompt #19: What color describes your personality and why?

What color describes your personality and why?

Blue (analyzer/ organizer)

The color which describes my personality would be blue. Why you might wonder; it is the color that represents those who like to be organized & analyze their life and surroundings. I like to have everything in its place & do not like the order of my things to be disrupted. I prefer not to have conflict with others, but would rather have everyone get along and work comfortably together. People know when I work on a job or task that he will be completed and done well. I am a good listener and am observant of situations around me and try to crate the best possible solutions. I like structure & tend to prefer to not need the need to improvise if at all possible. That being said, I do work well within a team and am an invaluable asset.

Bloganuary 2023

God Bless. Thank you for sharing your time. I appreciate y’all.

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