Haircut: A Child’s cut

Today wasn’t a day for being out in nature like my grandson loves to be with me. Instead it was a day of running errands and a trip to the barbershop. The last few years I’ve mostly seen beauty shops or hair salons. Sometimes those places just do not perform to one’s satisfaction. We too my grandson to a Great Clips hair salon and were not satisfied with the performance the hairdresser gave on his haircut.

After the poor experience, we let his hair grow and put off taking him anyway to get a better haircut. The other day Coleman, my grandson, held up a portion of his hair and made cutting motions with his fingers. Therefore, it was time to take him somewhere for a better haircut. After googling the area for a barber shop, I found several possibilities. Still I waited though until today. While out on our errands, one of those barbershops was right in the same shopping center we were at for another purpose. I felt it was a sign, so I took him inside for a haircut.

Before photos:

Coleman’s trip
to the
Landry’s Barbershop

During haircut photos:

Coleman Haircut
getting his haircut.
He sat so still.
He was amazing.
Bigmatt Dabarber
cutting Coleman’s hair

After Haircut Photos:

Coleman loves
his new hairdo.
so does his mom.

Photo Credit: Deb L. Waters ( Aka Nana)

God Bless. Thank you for visiting. I appreciate y’all.

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