Happy Blessed Easter/Passover !

This week has been Holy Week for many across the world. Regardless of how you celebrate this week or what your beliefs are, I pray that you will have many blessings bestowed upon you.

Any and all holiday celebrations have changed drastically for me since 2020. In my younger years families would gather together for the special occasions. We would go to church every Sunday morning and evening. In between we would gather at my maternal grandparents home for a family dinner and enjoy being together with each other.

Nowadays our families do not gather together on Sundays and not much on holidays either. I use to go to church every week when I didn’t work on Sunday. Holidays were special, choirs at churches performed special music which was very uplifting.

I remember when I was young and living at home, I was always given a new dress to wear on Easter Sunday morning to church. In our family the dresses were rarely store bought, but sewn my mother with love. During the teenage years, we often had matching dresses that my mother had sewn. It was always interesting to see everyone dressed up so special on Easter.

Back then, Spring Break wasn’t called Spring Break or Spring vacation from school. It was at that day and age called Easter Break or Easter vacation. This years Holy Week also coincided with the Jewish Holy Week and the Passover, a festival of freedom.

This year is the first year my grandson was introduced to the Easter Bunny. I haven’t done bunch with Easter bunnies, Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts or anything similar in a very long time.

Today, however, as we were walking through the mall we came across an Easter bunny set up for those wishing to have pictures taken. So we figured, why not? My grandson wasn’t too sure what to think of the Easter bunny at first. He decided to wait for his half-sister before approaching the Easter bunny. Even then he wasn’t to sure if he want to sit next to the bunny or not until I sat next to the bunny with him. After a few shots with me holding him, he decided he’d be okay with sitting next to the bunny without me. The following photo is the result of today’s mall adventure.

Pictured are:
my grandson, Coleman
my granddaughter, Alona
with the Easter Bunny.
Taken at Eastridge Mall,
Gastonia, North Carolina, USA

Wishing everyone a happy, blessed Easter, Resurrection Sunday, and Passover. May God bless you and yours. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I appreciate y’all.

2 responses to “Happy Blessed Easter/Passover !”

  1. A blessed Easter to you and your family 🌸.

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    1. Thank you! And to you as well.

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