2023 Daily Prompts: Collections

Do you have any collections?

Beginning as a teenager I had a stamp collection which included United States and World stamps. Collecting stamps and placing them in the stamp album is something my dad and I did together. We would go to coin and stamp shows and look for ones we might like to add to our collections. Those are fond memories. I still have my stamp collection. I was given my dad’s stamp collection after my mom passed. It is one of several things I treasure, not for what it is but of the memories made with my dad.

Besides looking at stamps to our collections, I would look for postcards that I might like to add to my postcard collection. Whenever we would go any where whether it was a coin and stamp show, a museum, or on a trip across country I would purchase postcards to add to my collection. Some of the postcards I would use to send to friends and others I would add to the album where I stored my postcards. I have two photo albums that hold my collection of postcards. They remind me of places I’ve visited. Some of them are special in a different way, they are ones that used to belong to my maternal grandfather. What makes them special? The pictures on those postcards are of some of my maternal ancestors. Others tell the story of my maternal grandfather’s time in the military during World War I. They are special because they help tell the history of my ancestors. I will always treasure them.

Currently, I do not collect anything except for memories. Since I’ve grown older, I find the memories I make with friends and family (especially my grandson, Coleman) are more precious and valuable than any tangible item I could ever collect.

God Bless. Thank you for listening and sharing in my memories. I appreciate y’all.

4 responses to “2023 Daily Prompts: Collections”

  1. I used to collect stamps and postcards as well! Postcards, especially, have stories to tell. There’s a book store near where I used to live that also sells postcards, some of them quite old (I think as old as the late 1800s sometimes). Even though you’re not a collector these days, I think it served its purpose in your life. It can be quite an engrossing kind of hobby! 😁

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    1. It can be. I still pick up a few postcards on trips but tend to not put them in the albums. After all what good are they just laying around in an album somewhere. Mine are in storage right now & I know my children won’t want them. They do tell stories especially those sent or given by relatives or ancestors.

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  2. The items themselves pale in comparison to the memories held within, …and you’re so right, …precious today connections are more valuable, and hold our hearts, …loved reading this…✨🙏✨Penn✨

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

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