Winter 2022

My favorite quote is a Bible verse. It is from Philipians 4:13 which states “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Sometimes I am not so sure about that and need to be reminded that God is always with me and will give me the strength to do whatever I need to do.

#bloganuary is a new adventure for me. I haven’t been on the computer for awhile and it has been a couple of years since I wrote my last blog. The bloganuary challenge is one I’ve decided to accept. My site here is mainly a reflection of my thoughts and reflections about life and the world around me. They are my thoughts, my reflections, and strictly my opinions. I mean no offense to anyone and hope everyone will be kind and responsive.

This month has been a winter to behold. The area in which I live usually has mild winters seeing very little snow. So far this month we have had either ice, freezing rain, and/or snow. This has occurred two weekends in a row so far and who knows, but God, has much more wintery weather we might get this month or even this year. This year, this month, this winter has been the first time that my grandson has seen snow, ice, or freezing rain. Coleman, my grandson, loves being outdoors, so even though I would rather not be outside in the freezing cold, I have taken him outside so he could see, feel, and enjoy being able to walk around and play in the snow and ice. I do this because I love him and enjoy giving him new experiences.

Since shortly after Covid-19 begin I’ve been staying with my daughter taking care of my grandson. There are blessings and misgivings at times. I love my daughter very much and really enjoy taking care of my grandson, but it can also be very tiring and sometimes frustrating. He wakes up by 7 am every morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. He is always extremely sunny and cheerful. I, my nature, am not a morning person. Like it or not I start each morning getting him out of bed, taking him to the potty, getting him dressed and fed. He is two years old and I’m trying to potty train him. The training has its ups and downs, good days and not so good days. The important thing is we spend quality time together and I love the time I have with him. You might wonder why I said that it could be frustrating at times taking care of my grandson. Simply put, there are times when he does not listen or want to do as I ask. Sometimes he will not nap and during his nap time is when I am able to get housework done or simply have a time to relax myself. During those times, i can become overwhelmed and have to breathe. Remember he is really young and needs my kind words and guidance. He will learn God’s love by my example. During these times is when I need to rely on God more for patience and wisdom on how to guide and instruct him.

I will leave y’all to reflect on Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who stengthens me.” #bloganuary @bloganuary

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