Bloganuary 23

Have you ever wanted to ask a fictional character a question? I’ve never really thought about it before, but now I wonder who I would most like to converse with and what would I want to ask that person. What are some questions you would ask if you could interview any fictional character past or present? Which fictional character would you interview? I’ve that about interviewing Biblical characters, but to me, they are not fictional they are real. So, it is a hard decision for me to make. If I chose a Biblical character, I would interview Mary, the mother of Jesus. Since I am going to interview a fictional character instead, I will interview Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Me: Laura, what did you like about growing up on the prairie?

Laura: What I enjoyed most about living on the prairie was the closeness of my family, the community, and with God.

Me: Growing up, what was it that you liked the least?

Laura: What I liked the least was moving. Just when I would make friends and feel like we were home, we would me again.

Me: What inspired you to put your thoughts and life experiences down on paper?

Laura: I always enjoyed writing my thoughts and experiences in a journal, or should I say journals as it turned out the more, I wrote the more journals I filled up with my thoughts on how the day went and about what new and exciting adventures occurred. In actuality though, it was my daughter, Rose, who encouraged me to write about my childhood experiences.

Me: Just one final question, did you ever imagine that your writings would be read and enjoyed by many generations of children and adults alike?

Laura: Honestly, I am amazed to learn that my writings, and eventually my books about my life, my childhood has fascinated so many people. I really was just thrilled when a publisher agreed to publish my stories. I am overwhelmed that my books still inspire children and adults to read.

Me: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. May you and your writings continue to inspire the love of reading and imaginations for many, many more generations to come.

Thank you for taking the time to read my bloganuary post and feel free to comment.

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