The prompt I will be answering today is: What is something you wish you knew how to do? This is a rather easy question for me to answer, I have always wanted to learn how to quilt.

Quilting is the process of joining a minimum of three layers of fabric together. This can be done by hand using a needle and thread or by the use of a sewing machine. The three layers of a quilt are referred to as quilt top or top fabric, batting, and the backing. The stitches done on a quilt can be extremely fancy, close together, and intricate or they can be very basic. Some quilts are done by using yarn to connect the three layers together instead of using stitches done by thread. Quilting done with a needle and thread is called Hand quilting. The use of a sewing machine to sew the layers together is referred to as Machine quilting, The third type which uses yarn to fasten the layers is called Tying.

The craft of quilting has been around since the early Puritans in America. In the early days quilts were made to serve a purpose. The main purposes of a quilt were to provide warmth at night, to cover doors and windows to reduce the amount of cold air.

Quilts are special in that they bring much more than physical comfort to a person. They also hold love and memories. Some quilts are made from the scraps of clothing a person has worn which makes them more meaningful than those made using brand new fabric. Quilts reflect the passion and love that a quilter has for life itself. The patterns can be symbols of life and death.

I have several quilts that I love dearly. The main reason I love them is the fact that they were sewn with love by my maternal grandmother. Two of my quilts were created with the same fabrics as some of the clothes that were made for me. When I use my quilts on my bed, they not only keep me warm at night, but also cover me with love. The love of my grandmother, and the memories we shared together.

It the love of quilting my grandmother had that inspires me to learn how to quilt myself one day. What is something you wish you knew how to do? I’m always interested in knowing what my readers think. Please like, comment, and share with your friends.

This is from the Bloganuary prompts. Even though it is no longer January I’m going to continue using the prompts to write posts. Hope you enjoy them.

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