Comfort Zone: Step out yes or no?

What do you think about when you hear comfort zone? A place? A feeling? A person? Or perhaps an object? A comfort zone can be different for everyone.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a comfort zone “is a situation in which you feel comfortable and in which your ability and determination are not being tested.”

A comfort zone is psychological, behavioral, and emotional state of mind whereby a person operates in familiar anxiety/stress free environment. You are comfortable, at ease and in control of your circumstances. In a comfort zone little risk is exhibited. It is where you feel most comfortable, not doing anything new or challenging.

There are 2 types of comfort zones which include:

  1. Habits of Action – examples are eating your certain foods, never missing your favorite tv show, or yelling when you are frustrated.
  2. Habits of Thinking – include focusing on the negative, feeling grateful for small things, or finding fault with others.

There are some habits that exuberate both action and thinking. Samples of these consist of repeatedly playing caretaker, being the expert, being the free spirit, and/or playing the martyr.

People, especially in work environments, often say you need to step out of your comfort zone. Is stepping out really necessary? Often times we stay in our comfort zones because that is where we feel safe. Other times it is simply out of habit, routine. Staying in our comfort zones could mean we are avoiding doing something that might actually be beneficial for us. It can also prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Where do you stand? Where do I stand? Before Covid-19, I think sometimes I resorted to staying in my comfort zone. Why? Being afraid of trying something new or going to new places hinders me from the excitement or adventures that exist out in this world. I used to be more carefree, now I hardly go anywhere. I see people traveling, being around lots of people, but I am not at the point where I feel safe from COVID.

It is said that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. The assumption is that you are not truly living if you remain in your comfort zone. There are varying lists of suggestions to assist you in stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • Changing your daily routine. For the past two years my routine, my schedule basically stays the same. I take care of my now 2-year-old grandson, and he needs to maintain a routine for stability. However, a change in the walking route is makes is not so dull or boring.
  • Trying a new hobby. This I have not done for a long time, maybe I should.
  • Setting a major goal. A goal I have is to become debt-free. That is difficult, but not impossible to achieve.
  • Saying “yes” more.
  • Exploring more. This I need until I developed cataracts and depend on others for rides. I do occasionally try to explore the woods with my grandson.
  • Confronting a fear.
  • Showing others your idea.
  • Keep Learning.
  • Never Give Up.
  • Enjoy what you do.

The lists are numerous. The lists contain excellent suggestions for stepping outside of your/my comfort zone. When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

I believe the last time I stepped out of my comfort zone was 2 years ago in 2019. I had recently retired and on an impulse, I accepted an invitation to go on a cruise with my sister-in-law’s sister. The cruise sailed out of Galveston, Texas. I traveled by bus from Charlotte, North Carolina to San Antonio, Texas where I was picked up by Monica. I then stayed at her home for a couple of weeks before the cruise. The stay at home was not exactly as I had imagined it would be and was ready to leave rather quickly. However, I did not leave. I stayed and kept my promise to go on the Royal Caribbean cruise with her to San Marcos and Cozumel, Mexico. I am glad I did. I enjoyed myself. Show some fantastic entertainment, ate some delicious food, and saw sites I would never have seen otherwise. Was I afraid? Skeptical? Yes, I was. Even so, it was well worth leaving my comfort zone.

God bless. Feel free to like, comment, and follow. I would enjoy hearing about when you last stepped out of your comfort zone.

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