Daily Prompt: Would you rather go camping or to the beach? Why? Part One

North Top Sail Beach

There are advantages and disadvantages for both; going to the beach and going camping. First, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of visiting the beach. Next, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of going camping. And finally, I will discuss which I prefer and why.

What are the advantages of spending time visiting the beach? Beach is an area of sand or small stones near the ocean or another area of water such as a lake. Going to the beach, for me means a three-hour drive. It is nice to visit a beach occasionally, but I do not like the long drive to get there. What are some things you might see at a beach? Seashells are common things to see, and some people like to collect them. You can also use seashells to decorate various items such as picture frames. You might possibly see jellyfish, starfish, seaweed and or fish.

Now to list the benefits of visiting the beach in reverse order.

  • 10. Breathing in ocean air if good for your lungs. There’s been as study that has discovered sea air appears to clear out the lungs. It is possible that the salt particles kill off microorganisms within the lungs.
  • 09. Sunlight reduces depression. Exposure to sunlight is believed to improve the brain’s release of serotonin, which helps enhances your mood and makes you feel calmer and more focused.
  • 08. The Beach helps you sleep better. It is believed the beach has a relaxing affect and allows you to release stress and sleep better.
  • 07. It takes away from screen time. Most likely when you’re walking along the beach shore, you are not scanning your emails and text messages. Too much screen time is unhealthy. Being near the water improves your mood and encourages you to experience life with all of your senses.
  • 06. The smell of the air is soothing. The smell of the ocean has a soothing calming effect on our brains.
  • 05. Walking on sand is a great workout. Since you have to work harder to move through the sand, it is a better workout than walking on cement or pavement.
  • 04. Grounding helps you absorb energy of the Earth. It is basically, walking barefoot in nature, it is noted to help improve chronic pain and reduce fatigue.
  • 03. It increases creativity. The beach makes you feel happier and increases your creativity by increasing innovation and insight.
  • 02. The sea water can reduce symptoms of arthritis. Fewer symptoms are due to the effects of the salt water which dehydrates inflamed cells in our bodies. This can also be accomplished by taking a salt bath, soaking in saltwater reducing swelling and pain. I use Epsom salts to soak in a relaxing tub for the same reasons.
  • 01. You get the benefits of Vitamin D. The natural source of Vitamin D is sunlight. Spending time at the beach, unless it is a cloudy day, you are bound to soak in the Vitamin D. It helps boost your immune system and is important for bones. It also assists in fighting some diseases and aids in weight loss. Whenever you spend lots of time in the sun be sure to apply SPF, suntan lotion to protect your skin.

Today I listed the benefits for you of visiting the beach. Tomorrow I will list for you some of the disadvantages of visiting the beach in Part Two: Would you rather go camping or to the beach. Beaches are beautiful but there are also hindrances and things you might dislike about going to the beach. Stay tuned for more on the subject.

God Bless. Have a Sunny day, at least on the inside. Feel free to like, comment, and follow. Remember You are wonderful and are appreciated.

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