Secrets and Lies: Are they Good or Bad?

Do you think it is good to keep secrets? Are there times when keeping secrets from someone could be wrong or even dangerous? A secret is something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. Do or did you tell your parents everything? Are there things that you do not tell your friends? By keeping secrets are you hoping to keep a little bit of yourself private?

Perhaps you are in a fairly new relationship, and you want to enjoy the newness of it for a while all by yourself. Maybe you know something about somebody and you’re dying to share it, but you don’t want the word to be spread around to everyone. Conceivably, those types of secrets might be tolerable for the short term.

A secret becomes a bad thing anytime that someone is or could be in danger of being hurt. Why does it hurt to keep secrets? Secrecy has an impact on our well-being, our health and our relationships. Keeping secrets may increase anxiety, depression, and bring on unnecessary stress. A secret will linger in the back of your mind, you will think about it so much so that you might lose sleep over it.

One should not keep secrets in a relationship. Hiding a secret may harm a relationship. The more you try to keep a secret or the relationship a secret the greater the possibility of your lying about it. A habit of lying can manifest as heart burn, panic attacks, and possibly insomnia. The continual habit of lying to keep something secret brings about increased anxiety and guilt. Therefore, keeping secrets are bad and harmful to you and perhaps to others as well. Also, when you keep secrets in a relationship you undermine the trust the other person has in you. It is best to be open and honest. Avoid the temptation of telling lies to keep something hidden, secret.

Power of Positivity

A lie is an untrue statement with the intent to deceive. It creates a false or misleading impression about a person, thing or situation. For example. In a book I just recently finished reading entitled, “Their Secret Courtship” by Emma Miller one of the main characters enters into a friendship with someone she believes her family would disapprove of, so she doesn’t completely tell the truth about seeing him. Instead, she lies and tells them she is going to visit and help his sister. In doing so she is deceiving them about her budding relationship. The more she tries to keep the relationship a secret, the more she worries about what her mother would think causing her to stress over the situation. In this instance, her keeping secrets and telling lies is definitely unacceptable.


In some instances, keeping a secret could be considered good. One example would be when we cast our vote in an election. Our vote is kept secret, so others do not know how we voted. When someone plans a surprise birthday party (or any other surprise celebration), we keep the plans a secret from the person being honored. These types of secrets are considered harmless and are alright.

Before you decide to keep a secret, you must be honest with yourself. Ask what and why you want to hide something? Will keeping the secret be harmful to yourself or another person? If the secret could hurt someone then it is better not to keep it secret.

Therefore, secrets might be good depending on the circumstances surrounding it. Telling lies to keep something hidden or secret is never good.

God Bless. Stay healthy. Build trust, not lies and secrets. Thank you for listening. Please feel free to like, comment, and follow. I appreciate y’all.

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