Failure or Success: Quotes and thoughts for today

An Inventor
999 times,
and if he
succeeds once,
he’s in.
~~ Charles Kettering

Failure is lacking the success or the inability to achieve a determined expectation. Is failure good or bad? Is failure beneficial? Can we learn from our failures?

Failure is beneficial and an essential aspect of our self-development. Albert Einstein stated, “ Failure is success in progress”. How is failure beneficial?

When you know and accept failure as a possibility, you learn to not let fear of failure hold you back. You accept that failure is apart of trying. Sometimes you fail, other times you succeed. However, if you never try you won’t have the opportunity for failure or success. Therefore, you always need to push yourself to keep trying.

The following are some of the many failure of failure:

I can’t
give you
a recipe
for success,
I can
give you
a recipe
for failure:
try to
~~ Frank Langella
  • Failure builds character – It makes you a humbler person. It can make you stronger and enable you to become more honest with yourself.
  • Failure builds compassion – having failed you can understand and empathize when others have similar failures.
  • Failure builds resilience – Failure is not a stopping point, it is a bouncing off point to regroup, refocus, and strive to improve.
  • Failure builds creativity – Allows you to try other ways, be more creative in your approaches in working to accomplish your goals.
  • Failure is a blessing in disguise – one cannot succeed without having first failed. It gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and allows us to appreciate our success.
  • Fear of Failure is worse than failure itself. Look for the lessons from it, then your chances for success will increase.

Realize you cannot please everyone, if you try you will surely fail. Believe that failure is not fatal; it takes courage to continue. Never give up. Success is not impossible. It comes from the struggles, the defeats, the learning, the progress and through the courage to keep keeping on. Believe in yourself.

God bless. May you be blessed in disguise. Keep keeping on. Be creative. Be courageous. Keep learning. Never give up. Always continue to try.

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