Happy Earth Day!

Make every day
save our planet
April 22

What is Earth day? Why do we celebrate it? Earth 🌎 day is celebrated around the world in approximately 190 + countries. April 22 marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Earth 🌎 day is held annually to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Earth 🌏 Day

The idea for Earth day was originally conceived in 1969 at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, California. It was then that John McConnell, a peace activist, proposed a day for honoring the Earth 🌎 and the concept of peace. It was originally scheduled to be observed on March 21, 1970, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere.

Let’s take care
of the Earth
for the future
of our children!

On Earth 🌎 Day in April 1970, Americans gathered together to raise awareness of pollution and the effects of pollution. It brings attention to the importance of long-term ecological sustainability. While we in America celebrate Earth 🌎 Day on April 22, parts of the rest of the world celebrate it on the day that the vernal equinox occurs.

Earth Day
should encourage us to
Reflect on what we are doing
To make our planet a more
Sustainable & Livably place.

It is our responsibility to take care of our planet, Earth. It is our responsibility to handover Mother Earth in a Healthier Shape to our Future Generations. Let us all work to Make it a Better place.

One way we can help to make it a better place is to use sustainable practices in our daily lives. The paper and packaging industry has been taking amazing strides to support a healthy future by using sustainable practices and products.

Paper ~ Plants ~ Trees

We can do our part in protecting the planet by using paper products. You ask, how does using paper protect and make our planet healthier? Good question. The paper, packaging, and boxes we use every day are designed to be easily recycled over and over again. Did you know that paper is the most recycled material in the United States? I didn’t realize that, one can learn something new everyday. Paper comes from trees 🌲 which are a natural and renewable resource. By choosing paper products, you encourage U. S. Forestry owners to grow and maintain healthy forests.


~ Native American Proverb

This years Earth Day theme is “ Invest In Our Planet.” It is meant to encourage businesses, government, and people everywhere to act on climate change and other issues to develop and maintain a healthy sustainable future. Please let’s all do our part to help our planet to be more sustainable and Healthy. Use paper, recycle, and reuse ♻️.

God bless. Protect our Earth 🌎. Be Proactive. Reflect on our actions, make improvements to help our planet to be healthy for future generations.

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