Public Art Sculptures: Abilene, Texas

I visited Texas in early 2020 near the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. One portion of my Texas trip was to visit my elderly aunt who resides in Abilene. No matter where I am at, I try to walk at least two times or more a week. My aunt isn’t able to walk very far as she uses a walker to maintain her balance as she walks. Therefore, I would go walking about the neighborhood on my own discovering what sights and interests I could find.

Book 📖 sculpture
Interesting “W” sculpture
Not sure 🤔, but unique
Silver Spiral Sculpture
Odd shapes balanced together
Reaching to the sky
Care to “Ride” a 🦬 Bison
Almost looks like a nut
Bone like Sculpture
Orange Public Yard Sculpture

Visit Duration: 2 months March and April 2020

God Bless. Hope you enjoyed my short tour of public art sculptures throughout the city of Abilene. The sculptures were all within a couple of miles from the corner of Palm Street and South Seventh Street.

Thank you for visiting. Remember I appreciate y’all. Till next time, take care.

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